Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Transoverload Live at The Hive Gallery

Friday, June 21, 2013

Transoverload Live at The Hive Gallery Saturday June 22, 2013
This Satutrday night we will be kicking the night of with Crimbo the Clowns Opening Monolouge 8pm ,Paul K. Circus Ghost Story 8:10: Ave Rose 8;30,VINCE WOLF8:45,DARIN MALFI 9,Marcel deJure Fashion Show9;30,Cig Neutron,9;45,Joey M.,Tick Tocs,10:30,MAKINA 11:00,Tunnel Mental Asembly Experiment11;30,Dr.Rek,12,Gothic Cholo12;30 ,Sonik Mercury., SURFIN' CIRKUS FASHION FREAK OUT! (FREE, MUST RSVP) Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and Everybody in between, The Hive Gallery and Honey Pot Productions are proud to present our 3rd annual circus themed show with an evening of Fantasy, Entertainment, and Astonishment. We are proud to announce The TicTocs(Surf Garge Punk Troubadors), Ave Rose(Operetic musical Performance Art), Darin MalFI(Anotomical Wonder), VINCENT WOLF, Crimbo the Clown, Tunnel Mental Experimental Assembly(electronic, experimental, eclectic dance music.), MAKINA , Gothic Cholo,
augmented lasers provided by sonik mercury, 'Dr.Rek(Live Hardware Acid Set), SUCKA M.C , Paul K, Rebekah Trigg as Foxy Freyja 9 , Marcel deJure Fashion Show,live painting from some amazing artists.

- RSVP: FREE to our Facebook friends- This show is Free & private. We need to have you and your guests on our list. Join this event on Facebook & leave us a message for your guests and you're on the list!
- CREATION: We encourage you to bring art supplies and create. -COSTUME: come on out and bee your own freaky self or wear your clown colors! FYI. We love Bee colors and Clowns

729 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California